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Screen Acting - Teens

Hello and Welcome to our New Season

Screen Acting is a unique, practical, industry-focused  course that will allow you to develop the skills necessary to become a professional screen actor.

This course has been designed with industry professionals to reflect the real business of screen acting.

This is what you will be part of ... THE FUTURE IS LOOKING AMAZING!

ON-CAMERA ACTING - SUMMER SEASON Take One Studio is always innovating and creating spaces to give our actors the highest training, for this upcoming season, the class will be training their skills, learning about the industry, and acquiring global knowledge about the art of filmmaking while being in full participation of a Film. Students in this class will be shooting by the end of the season. Take One Studio will provide professional POST-PRODUCTION to introduce it to the various Film Festivals in the country. TERM 1 - JUNE PREP FOR THE DRAMA FILM STUDENTS, COACHES, AND PRODUCERS START THE PRE-PRODUCTION PROCESS OF THE FILM THEY WILL MAKE AT THE END OF THIS SEASON. ON CLASS : Coach: Vivian Rubio Students learn that authenticity in pursuit of scene objectives is the key to success when acting for the camera. Relaxation and spontaneity of body and voice are as essential to a film set as any technical demands. Students have the opportunity to enhance these abilities through improvisation and filmed exercises that are reviewed in class. They also practice the technical demands of a movie set. -Terminology -Film genres -Modern Directors -Actor's Approaches and Techniques BETWEEN THE SCENE PODCAST on AppleMusic and Spotify 3 EPISODES ON FILM DIRECTORS, the class will have an open discussion on Cult Film Directors through today's Teenager's eyes. TERM 2 JULY / FILM: SCRIPT SELECTION - ARTISTIC DIRECTION -ART DESIGN SCENE STUDY CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT DRAMA During this period, students delve into the actor’s truth to discover deep personal connections between themselves and how they relate to the text. Expand Acting Range: Approaching an acting role with confidence, curiosity, and precision through Character development. SCENETHOPHIA FESTIVAL Class will Shoot 5 Drama Scenes, that will bee post our YouTube Channel for open votation. TERM 3 - AUGUST FILM PRODUCTION DISCUSSIONS FIELD TRIPS; FILM LOCATION SCOUTING ON CLASS: Ensemble a JAW DROPPING Monologue This course delves into each student's personal story through an assigned monologue. With an instructor's guidance and support, they learn to confront the relationship between their own life experiences and those of the characters they play. During the rehearsal process, students respond to a series of probing questions that help to identify key connections and take performances to the next level. This course also explores sense memory, substitutions, and role-playing, culminating with a workshop presentation where students perform a high-stakes monologue. -AUDITION TECHNIQUES CASTING AND AUDITIONS FOR THE YOUNG ACTOR’S WORKSHOP with a special guest. MONOLOGUE NIGHT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC - DATE: TBD

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