Join your creatively-minded peers and bring a story to life!

Screen your short at Final Showcase and experience a hard-earned and very satisfying sense of accomplishment.



Take One Studio's  Shortmaking Boot Camp takes students through the entire filmmaking process in just five days! 

All students will direct and edit one short film of their own, and work as crew for one another, providing each student the opportunity to work as a Director of Photography, Sound Technician, or Production Assistant.

Due to time constraints, the emphasis here is on single system film production, where sound and image are captured by the same camera.


-Fundamentals of Filmmaking, Directing, and Cinematography.

- "in production" making their films in small crews of three to four filmmakers along with several actors from the acting program.

The crew is supervised by an accomplished production instructor who helps guide the director and crew to ensure a safe and successful day of shooting.

At the final Friday showcase, all the shorts will be are screened

in the studio at closing night to showcase for the entire camp.



Short Filmmaking Boot Camp