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Voice Over  and
Dubbing workshop with ...

Yenni Ann is a Miami born & bred, first generation Cuban-American Voice Actress. Yenni has always found freedom in performance. First as a professional Salsa Dancer, and later as an Actress.


Being bilingual she has been able to lend her voice in both English and Spanish to dozens of productions. You can hear her voice on Cartoon Network, Crunchyroll, HBO MAX, Prime Video, and many other platforms. Her most notable roles include: The Animated series Rainbow High (Harley Limestone), BFF! (Dreamy & Daisy), Just Esperia Things (Daimon), and Villainous (G-Lo). The Video Game Gas Station Simulator (Dennis). The Live-action Dubbing series Nurses (Dr. Helena Prieto), and Hidden Passion (Jimena). As well as a Commercial for Valmas Liquors. And even a toy for Jogoball (Megee Sleeve) which you can find in Walmart & Target stores!


Yenni has amassed quite a list of credits. More impressive is that she's only been a working Voice Actor for 4 years. Becoming a full-time Voice Actress in just 2 years! In addition to all the credits mentioned above she's also recorded an Audiobook, is working on a scripted Podcast, and is represented by a Nationally recognized Agency. How has she been able to do all of this? What is her secret?


Yenni credits her success to her positive attitude, curious nature, and a keen understanding of how to Network Authentically and Market herself effectively. She is also passionate about sharing her skill set and knowledge with up-and-coming Voice Actors just like you.



This 3-hour Intensive workshop will go over the basics to help you get started! Whether your goal is to become a professional Voice Actor, or you just want a few hours to get out of your comfort zone and have fun. This is the place for you! This workshop is open to all and no experience is required. This class will be part lecture, part workshop, and part Q&A. Our guest speaker will go over topics such as:

  • How to Grow Your Network and Build Lasting Relationships

  • How to Authentically Market Yourself

  • The “Do’s & Don'ts” of Social Media

  • How to Utilize Casting Websites

  • How to Contact Casting Directors & Agencies

  • How to plug into VO Markets Locally, Nationally, and Globally.

TAKE ONE STUDIO'S UNIQUE PROGRAM   UNLEASH YOUR VOICE  class, which meets weekly and can be joined at any time. Kids Class (Thursdays 6:30-8:30 pm). Adult Class (Thursdays 8:30-10:30 pm). We welcome all ages and experience levels.


Space is limited so don't miss out!


Students will need the following:

  • Clothing you can move in

  • Close-toed shoes

  • A notebook and writing utensil to take notes

  • A great attitude!


*Recording Policy: Video recording will be prohibited for this event.

*Cancellation Policy: All sales are final and non-transferable. If you are unable to attend after purchasing, please contact us at


Date: Saturday January 28th, 2023

Time: 1-4 pm (EST)

Location: Take One Acting Studio: 7340 SW 48th St. #103, Miami, FL 33155 

Event Type: In-person

Minimum Age: 11 years old

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