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🌟 February: Welcome to the Spotlight! 🌟

- **Week 1-2:** Let's play pretend! Learn how to shine on stage and make-believe.

- **Week 3-4:** Dive into your favorite TV shows! Start acting out scenes from Disney and Nickelodeon.


🎬 March: Lights, Camera, Action! 📸

- **Week 1-2:** Become a star in commercials! Learn how to smile, pose, and sell a product.

- **Week 3-4:** Strike a pose! Learn modeling and how to work the camera.


 🎤 April: Express Yourself! 🕺

- **Week 1-2:** Find your voice! Learn how to speak loudly and clearly.

- **Week 3-4:** Dance and move! Express yourself with your body.


 🎭 May: Be Whoever You Want to Be! 🌈

- **Week 1-2:** Create your character! Choose a character from a show and bring them to life.

- **Week 3-4:** Script adventures! Learn your lines and understand your character.


 🎪 June: First Play Fun! 🎉

- **Week 1-4:** Auditions! Get your part in our first play and start rehearsing.


🖌️ July: Let's Put on a Show! 🎨

- **Week 1-4:** Rehearse and create! Help design our play's set and costumes.


 🌟 August: Movie Magic! 🎥

- **Week 1-2:** Final touches and showtime for our first play!

- **Week 3-4:** Action! Learn how to act in movies and work with cameras.


 🍿 September: Our Very Own Movie! 📹

- **Week 1-4:** Make a movie! Write a story, act, and film our very own short film.


 🎞️ October: Movie Makers! 🎬

- **Week 1-4:** Behind the scenes! Learn how to edit and produce our film.


 🎭 November: Round Two! Let's Act Again! 🌟

- **Week 1-4:** Choose and prepare for our second play - let's try something new!


 🎄 December: Family Fun in Acting! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

- **Week 1-4:** Rehearse for our second play, and invite your family to join in!


🌈 January: Acting Superstars! 🌟

- **Week 1-4:** Learn cool acting tricks, improvise, and master your scenes.


 🏆 February: Grand Finale and Movie Night! 🍿

- **Week 1-2:** Perfect our second play.

- **Week 3:** Showtime! Perform our second play.

- **Week 4:** Movie night! Watch our short film and celebrate our year of acting!


 🎉 Extra Fun All Year Round:

- **Parent-Child Days:** Special days where parents and kids learn and play together.

- **Special Guests:** Surprise visits from actors and fun workshops.

- **Flexible Fun:** We'll adjust to what makes us happiest and learn at our own pace.


This syllabus is packed with fun, learning, and creativity, helping each child grow into a confident little star! 🌠🎭🎉

Kid's Acting class syllabus

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